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Wilson Tennis Rackets

Wilson Tennis Rackets are among the most popular rackets available in the market manufactured by the Wilson Sports Goods Company which is based in Chicago. Other than tennis sports goods, Wilson also manufactures sports equipment for baseball, volleyball, football and many others.

This brand is not famous just for the world class products it manufactures, but also because its products are used by many international professionals like Roger Federer, Agustin Velotti, Venus Williams etc.

Wilson Sports Goods Company is well known for providing good quality tennis products like tennis rackets, balls, kits etc. The tennis rackets that are manufactured by Wilson Sports Goods Company are lightweight, very reliable and with good grips and control. Wilson Sports Goods Company produces tennis rackets and other equipment and is the official provider for Australian Open and the US Open.

At sport2nd, there is a huge variety of Wilson tennis rackets for people of different skill levels:

Wilson BLX Tour 95 tennis rackets

Wilson BLX Tour 95 is a very good choice for players with intermediate skills. These tennis rackets are made in a way that it offers best performance from all over the court. It is perfect for groundstrokes, volleys as well as classic serves. Though the player might face some issues in learning to balance the racket, it is perfect otherwise.

Wilson Blade 98 tennis rackets

Wilson Blade 98 Tennis Racket is the best option for people who are intermediate or advanced players. The rackets are popular for providing good amount of power and control while hitting the tennis ball. Wilson Blade 98 Tennis Racket provide very comfortable feel and dampen the shock, thus reducing pressure on your wrists.


Wilson K Factor Kobra team FX tennis rackets

These rackets are perfect for beginners who are still in learning phase and want to improve their balance, grip and shots. The rackets provide efficient power to hit the ball for a better shot and offers good spinning ability. The rackets have a light head, but the handle is heavier than the head, which enables the player to enjoy long swings without much stress.


Wilson nCode Six One Tour 90 tennis rackets

These rackets gained a lot of popularity as it was used by one of the best international tennis players, Roger Federer at French Open. Wilson nCode Six One Tour 90 tennis rackets are very strong and quite stable as compared to other rackets and a perfect choice for advanced players.


Wilson ProStaff 97 tennis rackets

If you are a player looking for a racket that offers accuracy in shots, are manageable and speedy, but are very lightweight, this is perfect for you. These rackets offer perfect spins and lets you deliver your best hits.


Wilson ProStaff 100LS - Unstrung

Wilson ProStaff 100LS are available only in unstrung form. These rackets are well known for offering control over your shots and lets you enjoy stability in your match. It produces enough power for a perfect shot. The rackets let you have the benefit of good and precise hits.


Wilson Steam 99 tennis rackets

The innovation in string patterns leads to high power and stability in the hits. It offers good control and comfortable feel to you. The light weight of the rackets let you manage the rackets well and defend yourself against the strongest hits by your opponents.


Wilson is a very well known brand that produces tennis rackets for every type of player - beginner, intermediate and advanced.

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